Easily integrate drones in the classroom with our app, sensor, flight school, and activity cards.

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Makkerplay Pro has a Plug N Play solution made for schools and people who want to learn how to fly a drone and maybe have a race.

Drones train concentration, focus, cooperation, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Drones motivate, fascinate and challenge all ages and with our Makkerplay tag attached they are perfect tools

Drones are excellent for exploration, mapping and documentation.

Drones encourage you to take the lesson outside. The data you gather and the images you take can consequently be worked on in the classroom.

SAFETY: Make sure you know the drone rules for flying outside and with a little wind, the drone can quickly drift away.

Flying drones requires teamwork. A team can consist of an operator, a pilot, a technician, a mechanic, and a navigator.

One drone can motivate and challenge 4-5 students during a lesson.  With different roles and responsibilities, drone flying requires teamwork to complete the activities.

Syddansk Erhvervsskole, Odense

Lars Tværvang

I have used Makker for a competition in a school subject with Lego Mindstorm robots. We created a track with six posts that the students had to complete in time. It worked well, and there was intense competition in achieving the best time. I will for sure use MAKKER again and maybe in other situations. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.”

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Give students the skills and knowledge needed to operate drones safely and confidently.

With our 10 lesson drone school, the students are taken from basic to advanced skills which culmination en receiving a drone flight skills diploma.

The students now have what it takes to advance to our activity cards.

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