All about the man of Makkerplay and references from awesome people


Mikkel Barker

Founder, pilot and CEO

Playful, passionate and dedicated

I have a background as a commercial pilot and flight- and aerobatic instructor. For the past ten years, I have worked professionally with photography and GPS measurement for building and infrastructure assignments, where both precision and position is essential. When I first bought a drone for photography, I experienced a need for feedback.
I needed something that could motivate and challenge me and make me a better pilot – and this lead to the idea for Makkerplay.

Compare, compete and challenge

I wanted to create a fun way to integrate drones in the classroom, therefore Makkerplay Pro – Plug N Play solution! It is a way to teach the students how to work in teams, navigate a drone and muck more! The solution can also be used to your next teambuilding-day!

Block coding and Python programming

Once the students have flown the activity cards using their acquired skills, you can challenge them once again by coding the activities and letting the drone fly the activities itself. The coding language can be both block coding and python programming.

Knowing through own experience what the drone is supposed to do, compared to what it is actually doing will teach you about troubleshooting, reasoning, logic. You will become creativity in order to make the drone fly the activities correctly.

Teach real-life scenarios with 10 activity cards.

Through the activity cards, you will answer these questions.

What are drones used for?
What can drones be used for?

The activity cards will take you through real-life scenarios where drones are doing a difference and where they will make a difference.

You will learn the challenges that drones face regarding, battery life, wind and rain, lift capability, controllability, and much more.

There are hours of drone activity.

Download sample activity card