Controller for drone tests, offshore drone pilot and former best drone pilot in DK.

Kent Dideriksen

“Regardless which field you are operating in, the possibilities is endless with MAKKER. If you are flying offshore, you fly in very confined spaces and that’s where MAKKER comes in handy, and can teach you how to land a drone.

You can place the marks in a circle, you can’t touch, and if you touch them, you will crash. And you have to be above the censor at all time. To train your skills, you have to do it in different wind condition and not in GPS mode – it has to be in ATTI mode.
MAKKER would be perfect for this!”

Agedrup Skole, Odense

Mikkel Franck og Lise Skov Hansen

“Thanks to Mikkel Barker from Makkerplay, for giving our students the possibility to fly a drone and practice accuracy ved Makkerplay tags. The drones and Makkerplay’s flight school where tested on 4. og 8. grade, and were all very excited about the drones. Furthermore did Mikkel, with his many years of experience with drones, tell stories from his previous jobs – which planted an increased interest with future drone pilots. We look forward to even more cooperation and visits from Mikkel and Makkerplay!”   

Syddansk Erhvervsskole, Odense

Lars Tværvang

I have used Makker for a competition in a school subject with Lego Mindstorm robots. We created a track with six posts that the students had to complete in time. It worked well, and there was intense competition in achieving the best time. I will for sure use MAKKER again and maybe in other situations. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.”

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